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A Trusted Resource For Addiction

Anyone is vulnerable to addiction, it truly does not discriminate. It’s a problem that crosses all cultures, genders and economic levels; Impacting the lives of so many, taking them on a journey into situations they would never have chosen.  Axiom Care offers treatment options to anyone who suffers with a substance use disorder.

Our Agency started with a focus on the specific needs of individuals involved in the justice system, making Axiom Care one of the most trusted resources for this population. We offer substantial programming to individuals specifically designed to build personal accountability, manage emotions, find pro-social alternatives and increase a sense of community. Axiom Care has developed treatment services and partnerships to become one of the leaders in helping clients find freedom from the life of probation, parole, and community supervision. 

Acknowledging the need for help and being ready to start on a different journey is the first step to recovery.  Axiom Care is here to help identify drug abuse and addiction problems, and is committed to providing the best possible care!

Let us help you or your family members –
call today and we will
work with you to get you the treatment
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Empowering people, inspiring change!


To redefine the future by transforming lives and communities.


We believe in dignity, empathy, diversity, innovation, accountability, and integrity.

Joint Commission Accredited

We are a Joint Commission Accredited provider; committed to providing safe, quality care.  Our team of professional staff includes doctors, licensed counselors, clinicians, BHT’s, case managers and support staff that can offer a multitude of services and interventions, such as:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Small Group Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Case Management Services
  • Life Skills Education
  • Vocational/ Employment Training
  • Peer Support Groups
  • 12-Step Education
  • Smart Recovery Groups
  • HIV/ AIDS Education
  • Housing Support
  • Low-Cost Sober Living Housing
  • Relapse Prevention Education
  • Individual Aftercare Planning

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