We’ve got
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AHCCCS Approved Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program in Phoenix

We’ve got
you covered

One of the few drug & alcohol treatment centers in Arizona covered and certified by AHCCCS.

We’ve seen too many people turn away from getting the help they deserve because they simply can’t afford the out-of-pocket fees that normally come with for-profit centers. We also encounter many people searching for drug and alcohol rehab without insurance. So it’s no wonder that one of the first questions we’re typically asked is, “How much will this cost?”.

Offering Outpatient & Inpatient Rehab Centers in Arizona that Accept AHCCCS

That’s why at Axiom Care, with both outpatient and inpatient care, it’s a priority for us to be one of the few drug and alcohol treatment, detox, and rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS. We also offer sober living that accepts AHCCCS. Click here to learn about our drug and alcohol detox centers in Phoenix.

Because financial concerns shouldn’t stand in the way of your recovery.

Apply For AHCCCS

For eligibility requirements, please visit: https://www.azahcccs.gov/Members/Downloads/EligibilityRequirements.pdf

Or give us a call to talk to a cerfied AHCCCS rep: 602-626-8112

AHCCCS Frequently Asked Questions

What is AHCCCS?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona’s federally and state funded Medicaid program that aids in
healthcare for those who qualify. Axiom Care is an AHCCCS approved drug and alcohol treatment program located in Phoenix AZ.


How Can I Apply?

There are three ways you can sign up for AHCCCS
1. Online at: https://www.healthearizonaplus.gov/

2. Over the phone at: 602-626-8112
3. Complete a paper application. Download here:


What do I need in order to complete my application?

In order to apply you must have:
1. A valid ID e.g. state ID, Department of Corrections ID, school ID, or passport to verify your identity.

2. Proof of income, or a written statement explaining why you do not have income.

3. Proof of Residency – a letter, piece of mail, or utility bill with your name and address on it.

If you have a hard time navigating the application, you can receive help from a trained community assistor. Axiom Care is one of several agencies that have community assistors on staff to help you apply.

How long does it take to get approved?

It can take up to 20 business days for your application to be approved, after you’ve submitted any requested documents.

Can I get access if I receive SSI/SSDI?

Yes, depending on the amount you receive every month. You will need to see a benefits specialist to see if you qualify.

Can I get access if I have Medicare Part A/Part B?

Yes, you may still qualify for partial AHCCCS coverage.

Can I get AHCCCS Pay for my Drug Treatment?

Yes, depending on the treatment and the facility. AHCCCS will pay for MAT services e.g. methadone and suboxone, as well as some inpatient and outpatient treatment services.

Can I get AHCCCS if I was recently incarcerated or if I am a convicted felon?

Yes, absolutely. As an AHCCCS partner, we work with many client that have come out of the judicial system. Reach out to us if you need help navigating you application. We would be happy to help.

If you have any additional questions, or would like additional support navigating the application process,please reach out to us directly and we will connect you to one of our AHCCCS representatives on staff.

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