Axiom Care Covid-19 Response

We are accepting new admissions with additional pre-screening procedures and heightened precautionary decontamination and restrictive measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Axiom Care. **At this time, all family visitation has been suspended until further notice.** Axiom Care is closely monitoring all Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates by following CDC, AZDHS and The WHO’s best practice recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

,,At Axiom, we provide the highest quality of care to all clients by remaining open to change and having the courage in recovery to lean into all challenges presented to us. While many aspects of our lives seem to have come to a halt, we at Axiom continue on as essential workers to provide services to those suffering from the disease of addiction, especially in these moments of uncertainty. In order to ensure the safety of the client and staff members of the Axiom family, we are taking the following measures at all of our facilities:

First, we are prescreening every client entering our facility for treatment with COVID-19 screening questions formulated based on the most recent recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). The answers to these screening questions are reviewed by specially trained staff, and if needed, our medical staff as well. Any prospective clients with increased risk or confirmed exposure to COVID-19 are tested prior to admission.

Secondly, both client and staff members of the Axiom family are trained and encouraged to practice frequent and proper hand hygiene as it is the gold standard of breaking the chain of infection. Additionally, enhanced cleaning of the facilities, high traffic areas and frequently handled items with antimicrobial product is in place. Should our clients request more frequent cleaning of their private quarters above and beyond the current measures in place, clients are permitted to do so under supervision in accordance to policy.

Lastly, each person coming on site (staff and clients), as well as every client in the facility, is monitored daily for signs of illness and twice daily temperature checks are strictly enforced. All staff members are masked while on premises and social distancing observed whenever possible. For the safety of our clients, outside visitation to our campuses is suspended at this time until further notice. To ensure that connection between clients and their loved ones as well as members of the recovery community are not lost, valuable telehealth/telecommunications options for family visitations, family therapy sessions, and meetings are made available to all clients.

To optimize the client experience, Axiom Care is tirelessly working towards innovative ways to maintain connection within the recovery community while staying safe during this unprecedented time, and are committed to staying firmly grounded in our vision of sharing the message of recovery and healing by providing services to those in need.

For more information about the virus and how you can help keep you and your loved ones safe, please visit these web pages:

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