Joint Commission accredited

We’ve got
you covered

We are Axiom Care: an in-network provider for all 7 Arizona Medicaid Health Plans. We are making lifesaving addiction treatment available to more people who need it.

Joint Commission accredited

We’ve got you covered

We are Axiom Care: an in-network addiction treatment provider for all 7 Arizona Medicaid Health Plans. We are making lifesaving addiction treatment available to more people who need it.


We want to ensure you get your recovery journey started on the right foot!

Medically Supervised Detox may be necessary so that you enter treatment at the level of care you personally need.


We save lives, build communities of recovery and tackle the stigma of addiction.

We are not your average
inpatient treatment center;
we are the place to be
for recovery!


We understand that you are unique and so are your needs. 

Outpatient treatment allows you to obtain services at an outpatient facility while it empowers you to continue with your everyday life.


Finding out if you are covered for treatment should not be difficult.

We can tell you immediately if you are covered for treatment and provide you resources if you are not!

Opioid Epidemic Data from AZDHS

Maricopa County, June 2017 to date

Suspected Overdoses

Suspected Opioid Deaths

Naloxone Doses Administered

Addiction Treatment and Medicaid Approved Detox Centers in Phoenix AZ

Axiom Care believes the relationship between clients and therapists is the most important element for success on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. We strive to treat all clients with respect and dignity, while providing a safe place to explore and develop personal accountability.
Our clinical team utilizes the Stages of Change and understands that people can be at different levels of commitment to sobriety and still get the help they need.

Who Is Axiom Care For?

We strive to serve anyone needing assistance to overcome addiction. Axiom Care recognizes it is so much more than abstinence from drugs and alcohol; it’s defining a whole new way of living.To overcome addiction, we aim to treat the causes.
We provide individuals with the tools and support needed to manage the stresses of everyday life, to live independently; and have connections to valuable resources and services.
Axiom Care Drug Treatement Supporting Eachother

What Is The Intake Process?

Seeking treatment can be a daunting process, and Axiom Care wants to help make this as seamless as possible.  Let one of our dedicated intake-team members help you navigate the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services do you offer?

We offer a full array of substance abuse treatment options.  Our dedicated team will offer a comprehensive assessment to ensure you get connected to the most appropriate level of care for your path to recovery.

2. What services does Axiom Care provide?

We currently offer residential, intensive outpatient treatment, and sober living options. We have also opened a new facility with additional services available, including detox.

3. What if I am on parole or probation?

Axiom Care proudly serves justice-involved individuals in a variety of ways. We are leaders in this field with many programs specifically tailored for the re-entry population.

4. Can I live at your facility while in treatment?

Axiom Care’s ViVRE program offers safe and supportive sober living accommodation at various sites around the metro-Phoenix area. Contact us for more information regarding bed availability.

5. How do I support recovery efforts in my community?

Axiom Care proudly partners with the ViVRE Foundation to help give the people we serve access to resources and funding to help in their journey of recovery.  Please visit the ViVRE Foundation page for ways to help!


“My experience has been and will continue to be, life changing. There is something so unique to the approach and recovery here that has given me a completely new awareness of myself as a person and my value to others.”

“I came in with an addict’s frame of mind, who did not want help. With the help and support of the staff, I started to learn more about myself and the things I want from my life. This program is different. They go above and beyond. It was an honor being here.”

“Intense, accomplished therapists and nice surrounds plus NO CHARGE and constant support. No exaggeration. This place helped save my life. Perhaps someday I will be able to give back in the future.”

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