Axiom Care is excited to announce that we are open and accepting patients in our new Drug & Alcohol Inpatient Detox facility at 150 N Ocotillo Dr, Apache Junction 85120.

Reach out today! 480-482-7390

Axiom Care approaches care of the most vulnerable of our population – those with
addiction issues, and those with co-occurring addiction and mental health struggles – with a whole-person approach. We aim to  simultaneously reduce incarceration, homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse, while reducing costs associated with recidivism through our local jails, hospital emergency rooms, and other healthcare agencies.

Additionally, Axiom Care provides our clients with a better individual life path through interventions in our Substance Abuse Detoxification (Detox), with both Short-Term and Long-Term Housing, a Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and outpatient services. All patients are assessed using ASAM criteria, and the proper level of care is guided through evidence-based processes.

Our Detox, located in Apache Junction, offers two types of critical care services: Observation Chairs and Medical Detox.

Observation Chairs: Patients receive a full medical triage from our Nursing staff, have access to Medical Providers as needed, and are assessed by the Mental Health team to assess for complicating and additional treatment needs. Patients are constantly monitored and evaluated during their stay with us by medical and professional staff until they are medically cleared and are safe to leave our facility, which usually occurs in less than 24 hours.

Medical Detox: Patients are evaluated both medically and for mental health cooccurring disorders. Those needing detox to remain medically stable and safe are admitted into the Detox unit. Detox provides 24-hour care under the direct supervision of expert Medical Doctors, as well as RN-level nursing staff. Individualized Detox treatment is provided to patients in our care along with individual Case Management services, Group Therapy, and access to individual therapy with mental health providers. Most patients are in Detox between 3 to 5 days, depending on the level of acuity and individual medical needs.