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Axiom Care provides programing which was previously under ViVRE Recovery Housing of several programs to those involved in the justice system.

Sober Living Homes

Residential Community Behavioral Modification Program (RCBM)

HOPE Program

A New Leaf Program

We provide self-pay accommodation and services to clients involved in the Justice System and have Sober Living accommodation at 3 facilities in Phoenix with a structured program which clients can apply to 6 months prior to release. 

In addition we provide services to Men and Women through the Residential Community Behavioral Modification Program (RCBM) where clients can stay for 90 days (SMI up to 120).  While in this program, we offer clients the opportunity to participate in 12 step and SMART Recovery meeting, alongside Substance Use outpatient treatment, individual and group counseling and case management.

Our dedicated case managers are able to offer help and support connecting clients to resources and services such as applying for benefits, insurance, housing, employment, documentation, food boxes, transportation etc.  Our dedicated team of professionals provide 24 hour oversight in apartment style living, included is basic cable TV, internet and all meals and snacks are provided.  We also have an onsite laundry.

To make it really easy for ADOC & APD staff, Axiom Care is introducing a new IT program which will allow all officers to directly log in and access information about the clients on their caseload.  Details of any offsite appointments, planned treatment, drug UA’s etc., and the results will be available in ‘real time’.  Staff will also be able to email directly any Axiom Care staff who are involved in the care of their clients.

For more information on the programs and to check availability of beds; please contact our Intake Manager – Kelley Hartman who will be able to assist and provide you with the dedicated Intake Number for ADOC & APD staff.

Kelley Hartman – 480-210-9099 or

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3030 N Central Ave, Suite 506
Phoenix, AZ 85012
No insurance, no problem.

Axiom Care is thrilled to announce that we’ve received grant funding to cover the cost of treatment for uninsured and underinsured Arizonans.

This includes people with private insurance who can’t afford to pay their deductible and people without insurance who don’t qualify for AHCCCS (such as undocumented individuals or those with an income too high to qualify for AHCCCS).

People who are interested in taking advantage of this funding for detox or residential treatment can call our admissions team at 602-626-8112 to see if they qualify.