ViVRE Foundation

The Story Behind The ViVRE Foundation

The ViVRE company was originally founded in 2010, as ViVRE a Sober Living Home, the owner – Duane Mantey – envisaged  a program focused on improving the lives of those involved in the justice systems; specializing in low level offender reentry, providing a safe and structured living program for otherwise homeless releases. He has worked tirelessly since 2010 to develop partnerships and support to build the ViVRE Program into the success it is today. 

Even though we’ve been transforming the lives of people affected by drugs or alcohol misuse for over 10 years, many people have never heard of us. This is because we always work in partnership – and often deliver our services working directly with the justice involved teams – ensuring our clients are offered innovative services and somewhere safe to go directly as they are released from our Prisons or Jails.

Our goal is to help some of the many thousands of people from every walk of life who struggle with alcohol and drug misuse in our region. The social, health, employment and economic costs of these addictions are high – not just for the individuals, but also their families, communities and the Arizona health system. 

Breaking the cycle can seem almost impossible. But we know how to help!

Leading our Foundation into 2020

Stacey Jay Cavaliere

Stacey Jay Cavaliere has worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years. As the Director of Operations for ViVRE Recovery Housing, he led a team of over 30 people to support justice-involved individuals in recovery. Prior to that he worked as the Development Coordinator for Building Blocks Counseling, spearheading their marketing, grant writing, and capacity-building efforts.

Stacey Jay also has extensive experience working in youth programming in various capacities most notably as the Director of Programs for one*n*ten, where he formed their LGBTQ+ youth housing, workforce development, and online high school programs. He also is a proud alumni of the AmeriCorps *NCCC program, where he traveled the country for two years completing a variety of community service projects including: enrolling low income families in a free health care program, working in a veteran’s hospital with Alzheimer’s patients, fighting wildland forest fires, and aiding in disaster relief efforts in Miami, New Orleans, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico.

In his spare time Stacey Jay enjoys traveling, attending visual and performing arts events, and spending valuable time with his English Bulldog Rustin.

Stacey Jay is thrilled to lead the charge in launching the ViVRE Foundation and is looking forward to supporting and assisting individuals on their path to success.


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