A Safe Place to Overcome addiction for the LGBTQ Community.

We provide all individuals with the tools and support they need
to manage the stresses of everyday life, to live independently;
and have connections to valuable resources and services

Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/ questioning community are becoming
increasingly more vulnerable to the depths of addiction. Yet, many simply avoid treatment out of fears of
social stigma or discrimination.

At Axiom Care, we believe that no one should feel alienated or unsafe to reach out and get the help they
desperately need or deserve.

We strive to treat each client with the utmost respect and dignity, while providing a safe place to explore
and develop personal accountability, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity

Drug and Alcohol Treatment at Axiom Care for Patients and Families

What Makes Us Different?

All of our staff is trained and experienced in
working with LGBTQ related matters and
challenges. Along with an individualized
treatment plan, you can expect:


  • 24/7 Support
  • Personal case manager
  • Your basic necessities covered
  • Connection to a community that understands you

We strive to create a culture of inclusivity and
understanding in everything we do.

A strong relationship between a client and their community is one of the most important
elements for success in long-term recovery

That’s why at Axiom Care, we strive to create a culture of inclusivity and empathy.

Peer Support

Axiom Care provides an opportunity
for individuals who have achieved a
significant amount of recovery in
their lives to assist other clients in
our treatment programs, through
their journey of recovery by sharing
their experience, strength and hope
through mentoring.More
information will come soon about
our new and exciting Peer Support

Support Groups

Our case managers at Axiom Care
work closely with clients to identify
their individual needs. We offer a
wide variety of support groups such
as financial, literacy, life skills,
recovery based support groups such
as AA/NA/ Smart Recovery, and many
others to assist with developing skills
that support transition to
independent living once treatment
has successfully been completed.

Our LGBTQ-friendly staff is
waiting to hear from you.

Reach out today.

Axiom Care of Arizona - RCMB

We are Axiom Care

Acknowledging the need for help and being
ready to start on a different journey is the first step to recovery. Axiom Care is here to help identify drug abuse and addiction problems, and is committed to providing the best possible care.

Learn more about what your stay with Axiom Care will look like:

At Axiom Care, it’s a priority for us to help those in need find
the treatment that they deserve.

Visit Our Insurance page learn more about how you can help yourself or a loved
one through alcohol and drug addiction.