“My journey to recovery taught me the importance of compassion and understanding in helping others navigate their own paths to healing.”

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With an inspiring redemption story from methamphetamine addiction and prison to a long-term recovery and a successful career, Christi Kleckner is the embodiment of empathetic care. Christi, the Executive Director at Axiom Care, shows up every day with a passion to care for the patients that walk through our doors because she knows first-hand just how hard (and just how rewarding) it is to be in recovery.

Axiom Care is proud to have a director who leads with compassion, has unwavering dedication to her patients and fellow staff, and shows us all what a second chance looks like after addiction.

Christi’s Journey to Axiom Care

“My journey from addiction to recovery shaped my approach to leadership, emphasizing empathy and resilience in overcoming obstacles.”

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Christi struggled with a methamphetamine addiction that took almost everything from her, and spent a lot of time in and out of jail. Christi’s history of substance use is not unlike most in Arizona, as methamphetamine is the state’s number one drug threat (especially as street prices drop). She proudly shares her Department of Corrections (DOC) number because it makes her relatable to many others in recovery looking for their second chance as well.

She experienced the apathetic care that most recovery centers give and was even told, “You’ll be back here” while in jail. Eventually, being abstinent from drugs, she began working as a graveyard Behavioral Health Technician for a recovery center. However, it seemed that not enough people cared about the patients or their jobs – just the paycheck that came with it. Until she found Axiom Care.

She came to our team and immediately fell into place. Christi seamlessly aligned with Axiom Care’s passion for holistic, long-term care and seeing patients find their second chances. Her personal experiences supported her in forming her leadership style and finding new ways to make a difference daily.

Axiom Care’s expansion plans, including a new building to help accommodate more persons with substance use disorders, reflect Christi’s vision for a future where addiction treatment is accessible to all who need (and deserve) it. By breaking down barriers and providing comprehensive care, Christi is transforming lives and reshaping the landscape of substance use treatment.

A Day in the Life of Christi Kleckner

“Being a team mascot means being there for my team in every capacity, whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet or providing emotional support during challenging times.”

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Christi sees herself as more than Axiom Care’s Executive Director; she’s self-identified herself as the team mascot. Why? The role of a mascot is to boost morale and spirits and serve as a source of inspiration for both staff and patients. This means more than just paperwork and meetings – you can often find her making beds or lending a listening ear to a patient. She is committed to running a smooth show, as long as it’s in an environment of care and support.

Christi’s Mantra for Recovery

“Don’t pick up, no matter what.”

If you’re a patient at Axiom Care, this is the last thing Christi will say to you before you walk out the door. No matter the challenges that come with recovery or how far away you may be, Christi will be right by your side to offer hope. Part of Axiom Care’s commitment to long-term recovery means holding a safe space for you to reach out for support, even if it’s been years since you were a patient. As someone who experienced the hardships of substance use herself, Christi has built a community without judgment where everyone feels valued and understood.


“Recovery is a journey of resilience and hope. No matter how challenging it may seem, remember that you are not alone, and there is always hope for a brighter future.”

Christi Kleckner’s journey from substance use to executive leadership is a testament to the power of resilience and compassion. Her story is similar to so many others and is the symbol of hope that so many look to on their journey of recovery. Axiom Care is stronger because of Christi’s commitment to compassionate care. To learn more about our detox program, residential care, or outpatient care, please reach out to our team today.