Meet the Chief Operating Officer of AXIOM CARE Apache Junction, Dr. Mark C. Anderson

Axiom Care, a leading detoxification and rehabilitation organization dedicated to helping the people of Arizona recover from substance abuse and addiction, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Mark Anderson, PhD, to the position of Chief Operating Officer. A native of New York, Dr. Anderson comes to us with extensive clinical and leadership experience in the field of recovery. After earning his PhD from Hofstra University on Long Island, Dr. Anderson spent several years doing both clinical and research work at a specialty clinic in New York, treating patients with severe obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma, and other anxiety disorders.

This experience led Dr. Anderson to his next role, at Mt. Sinai Medical School, were Dr. Anderson was named Associate Director of Psychiatry Residency Training. This is an achievement which he is particularly proud of, as he was the only psychologist in the nation to hold such a prestigious title in a medical school’s psychiatry program. It was during his tenure here that Dr. Anderson learned a great deal about both medical and psychiatric interventions in patients with substance abuse disorders and psychological disorders.

Then in 2005, after moving his family west to Nevada, Dr. Anderson became very involved in addiction and recovery care. He helped operate a treatment center with facilities in Nevada and Arizona, and later served as the Chief Clinical Officer for several years.

More recently, Dr. Anderson helped create a very large substance-abuse treatment center that focused on treating a variety of patients, including those who were homeless,  receiving Medicaid,  involved in the Drug Courts, or  recently released from prison for drug-related offenses.

The center housed a 70-bed detox unit whose goals mirror those of our new detox facility in Apache Junction. Additionally, the center had a 100-bed residential facility, a full Outpatient Clinic that provided PHP, IOP, and other outpatient clinical services. Moreover, he and his team created a stand-alone medical clinic for patients, created a Psych Urgent Care program for immediate client service, and worked with a team of physicians to begin clinical trials of MAT implants, to help patients maintain sobriety for long periods of time after the clinical interventions have been completed. While in this leadership role, he had many achievements that will serve him well in new his role with Axiom Care.

When it comes to helping people in recovery, Dr. Anderson’s passion for care is personal, having suffered the loss of loved ones to this horrendous disease. His cousin succumbed to a heroin overdose, then a close family friend died from taking too many prescription painkillers. Thankfully, his brother in law is in active recovery from alcoholism but this just goes to show that Dr. Mark Anderson is no stranger to addiction and the path of recovery. Mark understands firsthand the critical nature of what we do every day at Axiom Care and knows what is at stake not only for the patients we care for, but their families as well.

It is with great excitement that we welcome Dr. Anderson to our team. We are delighted he decided to bring his passionate expertise to Axiom Care, and we look forward to him making a significant impact on the patients in our care.

Welcome, Dr. Mark Anderson!